Monday, April 29, 2013

My child hood and the story of Billy

I think that the Kes movie is a touchy fiction film which was shot in a North of England in 1969. The movie is focuses on 15-year-old Billy Casper, who belongs to a working class family and grown with single caring parents. I feel that Billy is always suffering from mental and physical abused by his half brother. It seems that Billy is not being able to pay attention in school due to his family environment and his own fault that he has stolen money from his half brother. Some of scenes are too long which made me bored for example in the movie there is a scene when Billy teaches “Kes” to fly which I find unnecessary. I like the scene when Billy got the praise from his English teacher after delivering a story of his relationship with the bird. 

In my opinion, the film is trying to show the story of a working class family in North England where  people have to work for food, even in school age. It reminds me that my child hood because the film shows scenes of Billy’s school. I used to cut loads of grass every morning before going to school when I was in school. The class room is a same like mine where I had taken a class, by the headmaster stick that boys who were caught smoking, and once my friends were also caught smoking but they did not get punishment as they got. But I still remember that once my friends entered late into the science class after lunch break and they got beaten by my science teacher as at the scene of a movie. I was also out of money at the school age and have to ask money for  Tiffin to my mom and some time I got 2 or 5 rupees or sometimes I had to stay without having breakfast due to lack of money. At that time I was not be able to concentrate on study due to hunger because we all know that a hungry mind does not work properly. The teaching method in the movie can be matched up with the typical Nepali government school. I used to be beaten by my English teacher for not doing my assignment for the class. In the film there is one scene that Billy stolen a book from the secondhand book shops, as he is underage and cannot get a borrower's card from the public library. It is again related with a Nepalese context. The scene where Billy got praise is one of the inspirational scenes. I used to get the praise from my teachers when I shared my story and poem in the class which always made me go further ahead. Moreover the film is inspirational and is related to Nepalese society.

In conclusion, although movie portrays the society of England in 1969 it is still significant and can be observed in the contemporary society of Nepal.

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