Friday, May 18, 2012

Friendship and psychophobia

‘Hello’, I popped into room, he replies back quickly -hello there. I got used with him now, I can't joke with him properly but i want to, smile to him and want to share with him sometimes. But he seems like he doesn’t care, so what? I don’t have to worry about it, he listens and some time he doesn't, he makes little tiny replies in between like yes, uh.. huh...hmn....ok which makes our conversation more interesting.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Myths and prediction need to discuss and finalize

The Magar's are largest indigenous people in Nepal. They have 16,22,421 Population in total (within Nepal, Source: wikipedia). They have their own language and culture,770116 speak a Magar language as their mother tongue they called themselves as " Bhumiputra" (son of land) in Nepal but still they are fighting for the their own territory and the federal stat. Since a 1990, influencing with Buddhism and they started to saying that all the Magars are Buddist and they must fallow the Buddist religion and become Buddist. Before they were Hindu and all of them fallowed the Hindu rituals. But having seen their own traditional rituals or culture and their behavior we can say they are neither Hindu nor Buddist, But they are Naturalist (Prakriti Pujak). Because they worship for the stone, wind, water, land and Jungle even they believe the spirit and ghosts. If somebody dead in a society then the priest or Dhami (a powerful person) predict that what he or she become after dead. In Magar society, they purify within 10 days and the last day of purification they know the dead person rebirth or not? To know that they need a ash or water (its depend up on region, some where they look in ash and some where they used clean water from the tap). In our context (eastern part of Nepal) most of them uses the ash to know that things and they called it Migya bhakki or Ugya bhakki (to separate the soul). Having their own power they start to calling the dead persons soul and that spirit left the symbol in ash just like mark of Dog, cat, cow, mouse, birds and etc etc. if the mark as like cat then they believe the dead person become a cat after dead (it means he or she rebirth being as a cat) same as like other.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Life goes on: Afnai kura

The words Research and Researcher were totally new for me at beginning of 2005/06. Because I was new in town, new in ktm, new in TU J, I was unknown about it because of lack of information and being far from town because I was born and grownup in Dhankuta. When I heard  I was being like “huh? What the hell is that? Actually I was in bindaas girl when I was in Dhaknuta and I didn’t get the opportunity and environment to know all about it there. Also I never tried to go in a environment like that, I loved to go to visit, hanging out with friend, watching  tv serials specially hindi series ‘Kasauti jindagiki, kyu ki sas vi kavi bahu thi, kahani ghar ghar ki and all, and wanted to be like prerana, tulasi, prerana and etc.

When I came to Kathmandu, I met some elites and elders who wanted to be academist and they pulled me towards their way. And again I got the chances to sit with them who were activist in Ethnic movements and well known in Academic sector.
Then I got chance to do Research too. It has interesting part, I still remember one day one of my friend came to me and asked “ hey, would you like to do the research in your own caste? SNV Nepal is giving the grands for it And  was being dump J my eyes wide opened and asked to her “what is that? “ then I started to know about it, lots of elders supported to me to know the meaning of that and also I got the training to write a proposal to do the research from one organization (forgot the name), being as a student’s of population I was not informed about proposal till the date J . After having lots of classes finally I was selected on SNV Apprentice researcher.