Monday, December 21, 2015

Model school of Dhaulagiri zone: Dhaulagiri Deaf Residential School, Bangechaur-1 Baglung

The school has been established in 2007 with the support of Nepal Government/District Education Office, Baglung. At the beginning total 24 deaf children were enrolled in the school now they have total 163 children are studying from 25 different district, one is from Bihar India. They have around  15 children are normal (non-deaf)  from deaf family and other really poor family. At the starting period of the school, they have to advertise for the student’s enrollment in FM radio and national daily papers like Kantipur, but nowadays they don’t have to publish their advertisement for the children. Now Dhaulagiri Deaf residential school is being one of the model schools for the deaf children with in the country. Within 7 years of time period they have been bring drastic changes of the school’s physical structure and other educational environment.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Her Story II

Bijaya’s Phone rang.
“Yes Momma, I’m with Dizzu and Shreena! What? OMG! How? Oh no! Ok Mamma! Sure Momma don’t worry your daughter is young enough now, she can take care herself. Oh no Momma, That’s too much. Why are you worrying about me that much? I know Momma. Ok Momma. I will be in time. Love you too Momma.” Bijaya took a long breath after phone in conversation.  

‘This is too much yar! Where the hell is our government? What the hell they are doing? Mother F***er rapist are walking freely on the street, and we girls always have to be worried about our own security in our own country, even in our own yard.” Suddenly she turned as angry injured tiger.
Shreena and I were unknown about the telephone conversation. We just heard one way, and saw each other, I asked her with the eye sign ‘what happen to her?’ Shreena replied with the help of lips and head, ‘I don’t know!’

We both stayed quiet and saw in her eyes