Tuesday, November 24, 2015

103 days of blockades

The meaning of ‘Movement’ has been changed this year.
Terai movement = Holistic idea of country burning,
I heard about the blockades at the beginning
Thought ‘few young stars bulling some prank’
Thursday 13th August became just like ‘The last day of sun’
News spreaded;
‘Movement start in Terai’
‘Terai people started strike in the region,
‘Killed number of people in Saptari’,
‘Killed number of people in Janakpur’
India started blockades at boarder’
Dashain/Tihar festivals were near by
Blockades for what?
Most of the people ‘unknown’
Few people argued,
To solve the demand of Madhesi people,
To solve the problem of Tharu people.
‘Restructuring the government?’
Not bad idea though, ‘changing the system’
Making people stronger with their right 
Country got new constitution
Country got new government structure
First time Nepal got women president in country
People celebrated it with new hope, new possibilities and new changes
That’s a tradition, that’s the culture.
Few people hoped Mr. Oli can run the country and hug the problem
As if he has the magic power,
I also keep positive thought,
‘Will faded all the problem even he don’t left the shadow, fuck the believe’  
Last structure changes in government system always worst
I thought that was only a saying
Constitution gets burned.
Road started to heat for few days.
I met a person who was involved in movement since beginning.
That was night I ever fear.
The night was dark as always
Dogs were barging, 
I asked him,
You sure you don’t wanna stay with this constitution?
You are not happy with these changes?
You sure you don’t get any justice as before.
 He just whispered:
‘Listen why we live here? We live here for a reason.
We got freedom.
We have advantages that we know all about it
No body else can.
But you I see, these changes bring you ‘Only hunger and pain’.
I understand,
The word was kind of ‘We will take care of it (movement)’
He added;
Enemies are laughing at us now;
‘The things they don’t believed what we have said.
If some one make it the diversion,
Let it do,
But don’t tell me ‘Let’s do something for stop the things’
Because what can be broken must be broken
Believe me when men needs a force he destroy himself
It took for us ages, we should do before
We were only had dreams
We can’t give them reason to suspect
We will destroy them all.
I Scared
One way, terai people raise relevant demand
What if the same demand keep raised by others?
Is it possible to fulfill all the demand together?
How to fulfill?
Killing people?
No way,
Yes we got new constitution, and structure of government.
Yes I have seen the changes too
Feel the crisis in the country
Seen the scarcity of basic need
Seen the different rally and exhibitions
Seen all the cracked buses in highway
Even seen the difference in highway:
They used to sell Peda and local fishes,
But this time I find them selling petrol in a bottle.
Nepali people turned into helpless,
Whatever they get, take it quietly
If they get wood
If they get gas
If they get kerosene
If they get fuel.
Damn care if people are dying,
Damn care if people are fighting,
Damn care if people are burning  
People I find them damn cute J
Somebody asked me is everything alright?
I said, ‘just OK.
My mind hit me, ‘Every moment has their time and a moment is waiting’ J J

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